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‘ लव सीनरी 2021 (हिन्दी डब्बड) ‘

” Chinese Drama Series (Dubbed in Hindi) “

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Love Scenery (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang (Season 1)
  • IMDb Ratings: 8.2/10
  • Stars: Xu Lu, Lin Yi, Hu Bing, Zhong Dan Ni, Jiang Yu Wei, Du Yu Chen
  • Genres: ComedyDrama | Romance | Music | C-Drama .
  • Quality: 1080p / 720p / 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dub (ORG)
  •  Love Scenery S01 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
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Love Scenery (Beautiful Scenery) is a 2021 Chinese television Drama series ,
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Love Scenery (Season 1) In Hindi Dubbed [C-Drama Series] :


Love Scenery 2021 S01 [Hindi Dubbed]
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Download Love Scenery (2021) In Hindi 480p & 720p HDRip (Chinese: 良辰美景好时光; RR: Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang) Chinese Drama Hindi Dubbed] ) [ Love Scenery Season 1 All Episodes] Free Download on

Love Scenery (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Dramas now in Hindi –

SuperHit Chinese Drama Series: Love Scenery 2021 In Hindi / Urdu 720p 480p HDRip | Love Scenery ( C-Drama  ) All Episodes (TV Series) Free Download & Watch Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang (Hindi Dubbed) S01 Online On | Chinese Drama TV Series (In Hindi) Free on KatDrama  .

Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang (Love Scenery) – Season 1 2021 – More Info:

Love Scenery (CHINESE DRAMA (IN HINDI)); 良辰美景好时光;  Watch Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang (Hindi Dubbed) Online for free at KatDrama Visit KatDrama and watch all the episodes of लव सीनरी सीज़न 1 हिन्दी में  चाइनीज ड्रामा (Hindi Dubbed) online anytime and anywhere on TAPMAD Free on KatMovieHD & KatDrama .

Love Scenery (良辰美景好时光 /  Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang)  is a Chinese television series directed by Qin Zhen, adapted from the novel “A bright spear is easy to hide, but a secret love is hard to prevent” (明枪易躲,暗恋难防) by Qiao Yao. It starred Lin Yi and Xu Lu in the leading roles

  • Native Title: 良辰美景好时光
  • Also Known As: Good Day, Beautiful Scenery, Good Time , Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang , 良辰美景好時光
  • Director: Zoe Qin
  • Screenwriter: Qin Wen
  • Genres: Music, Comedy, Romance
  • Tags: Older Woman/Younger Man, Student, Nice Male Lead, Popular Female Lead, Male Chases Female First, Successful Female Lead, Steamy Kiss, First Love, Famous Lead/Common Lead, Gaming .

Love Scenery (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline :

Liang Chen is devoted to bringing good music works to the listeners, expressing the idea of being kind, real, and perfect. Lu Jing loves computers and big data research. He is highly recognized in the academic field through studying complicated human behavior and psychology, thus influencing his classmates around through his solid speciality in literacy. They are strangers at first but then brought together by big data and they become closer in the journey of pursuing dreams. 

Adapted from the novel “Ming Qiang Yi Duo, An Jian Nan Fang” (明枪易躲, 暗恋难防) by Qiao Yao (翘摇).

Watch full episode of Liang Chen Mei Jing Hao Shi Guang Season 1 2021 | Chinese Drama (Now In Hindi):

An inspiration story about mutual growth and love – following a singer and a 4th year computer major.

Love Scenery Season 1 2021 (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Series Review: 

I’m aware that many people were dissatisfied because they had high expectations, but I thoroughly enjoyed this. It’s just a light and enjoyable romance, so don’t expect anything extraordinary or novel. Which is excellent news for those of us who enjoy that.

I’ll tell you straight up that Lin Yi was the real reason I enjoyed this drama. The majority of the time, I was captivated by his beauty here. He exudes charisma, and his acting is top-notch. He acts so infatuated you truly trust it (and the kissing scenes.. omg).
The female lead is great too, only not as convincing. in my view.

The greatest blemish is the plain story and the side characters plot, which I felt was exhausting.
Also, when I wasn’t feeling it, I skipped some game scenes, but they weren’t as bad as in other dramas. I believe that she spoke entirely through her nose, and that mouth was only there for decoration. That last sentence is not a joke. She was terrible at kissing back and lip-syncing. Additionally, she would constantly act coy. She is a mature woman! She ought to be aware of how skinship and dating work. Ling Yi ended up like a wall because of all of this. a beautiful, tall wall, but no real action because they didn’t have good chemistry. The length of this drama was unnecessary. Might have quite recently halted – straight halted at ep 18…maybe 20. The drama’s inability to establish a real connection is partly due to the drama’s excessive focus on the game world at the beginning. Ugh. I’m relieved that this torture is over. I wish I been able to drop dramatizations.

Overall, an excellent romantic comedy with a lot of character growth in the relationships!