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” लव अनएक्सपेक्टेड 2021 (हिन्दी डब्बड)”

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Love Unexpected 2021 (Hindi Dubbed)

  • Series Name: Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing (Season 1)
  • IMDb Ratings: 8.2/10
  • Stars: Fan Shi Qi, Judy Qi, Shen Yao, Zhang Chu Xuan, Shi Rui
  • Genres: ComedyDrama | Romance | C-Drama .
  • Quality: 1080p / 720p / 480p [HD]
  • Language: Hindi Dub (ORG)
  •  Love Unexpected S01 Chinese Drama Series (In Hindi )
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Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情 / Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing) is a 2021 Chinese television series ,
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Love Unexpected (Season 1) (Hindi Dub) Chinese Drama Series (Dubbed in Hindi) –

SuperHit Chinese Drama Series: Love Unexpected 2021 In Hindi / Urdu 720p 480p HDRip | Incredible Love लव अनएक्सपेक्टेड सीज़न 1 हिन्दी में ( C-Drama  ) All Episodes (TV Series) Free Download & Watch Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing (Hindi Dubbed) S01 Online On | Chinese Drama TV Series (In Hindi) Free on KatDrama  .

Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing (Love Unexpected) – Season 1 2021 – More Info:

Love Unexpected (CHINESE DRAMA (IN HINDI)); 不可思议的爱情;  Watch Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing (Hindi Dubbed) Online for free at KatDrama Visit KatDrama and watch all the episodes of Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing (Hindi Dubbed) online anytime and anywhere on Playflix Free on KatMovieHD & KatDrama .

Love Unexpected (不可思议的爱情 / Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing)  is a Chinese television series

  • Native Title: 不可思议的爱情
  • Also Known As: Bu Ke Si Yi De Ai Qing , Incredible Love, लव अनएक्सपेक्टेड 
  • Director: Ke Han Chen
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Tags: Overbearing CEO, Rich Man/Poor Woman, Strong Female Lead, Cold Man/Warm Woman, Multiple Couples, Protective Male Lead, Poor Female Lead, Cohabitation, Love Triangle, Poor Family .

Love Unexpected (Season 1) (Hindi Dubbed) – Storyline :

When a horrible accident claimed his mother’s life three years ago, Xu Nuo was never fully able to recover the shock. Since that day, Xu Nuo has been living with an affective disorder so severe, he has lost all connection with his emotions. Unable to laugh, cry, or even love, Xu Nuo has no way to connect with other people, as he has lost all ability to empathize with others. Incapable of feeling any sense of guilt or remorse, he has become a brutal expert when it comes to corporate mergers and acquisitions. Though known for getting a job done, his savage techniques have made him the target of more than a few disgruntled individuals. When the need for a bodyguard becomes apparent, Xu Nuo begins the arduous task of recruiting. Among the many applicants vying for the job is Ke Si Yi, an economics major who secretly dreams of becoming a professional fighter. With incredibly honed senses and lightning fast reflexes, Si Yi easily lands the job. Though Xu Nuo is glad to have the extra protection, there’s something about the easy way Si Yi uses violence that makes him feel uneasy. However, when Si Yi throws herself in harm’s way on his behalf, he begins to feel something else, though he isn’t quite sure what that something might be. As the relationship between protector and protected grows, Xu Nuo’s long-lost emotions gradually begin to return and with them, a whole new world of possibilities begins to present itself. But within this emotional new world, Xu Nuo must ask himself, is he able to accept the feelings he seems to have developed for Si Yi?

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Love Unexpected Season 1 2021 (Hindi Dubbed) Chinese Series Review: 

This show is definitely one of the most dumb shows I have ever seen. I actually was looking for a dumb show with a basic storyline but this was more worse than the low expectations I had. The story has no logic what so ever, it has fantasy elements but the fantasy was more easier to believe that happening than what the characters we’re doing. The actions of most characters had no base. In most parts of the story I was confused about what led to a particular event or how a person knows a particular thing. It was a mess. The last 3 episodes were absolutely unbearable actually, it was painful to watch and it definitely made no sense. The female lead was actually cute in the first half but becomes too much of an idiot that put her feelings in danger. The acting wasn’t anything surprising, it was subpar. The way the male lead was acting was so disturbing, oh my god. The show was addictive, that was one of the reasons why I didn’t give it a zero. The osts were decent, kinda catchy. The actor was extremely attractive, he had a particular charm to him. The secretary lowkey saved the show from falling off from the cliff, his cute dialogues and actions were really nice, though in the end even his story became a little repetitive. Other than these minor good points. The show is trash. I also read somewhere that the leads are dating in real life, thats cute hopefully they do a better drama in the future. I’m so utterly dissapointed at how the writers couldn’t even live up to the low expectations I had.