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” The Impossible Heir S1” (로얄로더) K-DRAMA “

The Impossible Heir (2024) Complete 로얄로더 All Episodes 1-16 [With English Subtitles] [Royal Loader 4k 2160p 1080p 720p 480p HD] Eng Sub Free Download On

The Impossible Heir: Season 1 | 2024

  • Native Title: Royal Loader / 로얄로더 
  • IMDb Ratings: 8/10
  • MyDramaList: 8.1
  • Director: Min Yeon Hong
  • Stars: Lee Jae Wook, Lee Jun Young, Hong Su Zu, Choi Hee Jin
  • Language: Korean
  • Subtitles: English
  • Total Episodes: 12
  • Status : Ongoing 

The Impossible Heir (Season 1) 2024 is a South Korean Action/Crime TV Series,
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The Impossible Heir S1 Complete 로얄로더 [English Subs] (K-Drama):


The Impossible Heir (2024) K-Drama
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 Episode 01 – Fate

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 Episode 02 – Beginning 

E02: 1080p x264 [1.9 GB] || 2160p HEVC [6.7 GB] 

 Episode 03 – Thrill 

E03: 1080p x264 [1.8 GB] || 2160p HEVC [7.8 GB] 

 Episode 04 –  

E04: 1080p x264 [1.9 GB] || 2160p HEVC [6.8 GB] 

 Episode 05 –  

E05: 1080p x264 [1.9 GB] || 2160p HEVC [7 GB] 

 Episode 06 –  

E06: 1080p x264 [2.2 GB] || 2160p HEVC [7.3 GB] 

 Episode 07 –  

E07: 1080p x264 [1.7GB] || 2160p HEVC [6.2GB] 

 Episode 08 –  

E08: 1080p x264 [1.8GB] || 2160p HEVC [6GB] 

 Episode 09 –  

E09: 1080p x264 [1.6GB] || 2160p HEVC [5.9GB] 

 Episode 10 –  

E10: 1080p x264 [1.7GB] || 2160p HEVC [5.8GB] 

 Episode 11 –  

E11: 1080p x264 [1.7GB] ||

 Episode 12 –  

E12: 1080p x264 [1.9GB] || 

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The Impossible Heir: Season 1 (Korean TV Series 2024 ) :

Download The Impossible Heir (2024) Complete 로얄로더 All Episodes 1-16 [With English Subtitles] [480p & 720p HD] Watch Online Free On

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Series Info: The Impossible Heir (English title) / Royal Loader (literal title)|Korean Dramas |

The Impossible Heir (Korean: 로얄로더) is an South Korean revenge television series written by Choi Won, directed by Min Yeon-hong, and starring Lee Jae-wook, Lee Jun-young, and Hong Su-zu. It is about a story of characters trying to take the throne of Korea’s largest conglomerate.

  • Native Title: 로얄로더
  • Also Known As: Royal Loader , Royal Roader , Royallodeo
  • Screenwriter: Choi Won
  • Genres: Thriller, Business, Drama, Political
  • Tags: Class Conflict, Power Struggle, Ambition, Conglomerate, Conspiracy, Partners’ Relationship, Competitive Male Lead, Chairman/Chairwoman Supporting Character, Heir/Heiress Supporting Character, Hardship .

The Impossible Heir (로얄로더) Season 1 – Storyline:

When the illegitimate son of a Korean conglomerate owner partners with his ambitious childhood friend, the duo will stop at nothing to seize their place at the top of the societal food chain.

Born into an impoverished single-parent household with nothing but his good looks and charm, Kang In Ha is ravenous for success. Determined to make something of himself, no matter the cost, In Ha, discovers that his father is the chairman of the hugely successful Kang Oh Group and leaves his life of poverty behind.

Shunned by the rest of his new family, In Ha partners with his intellectually gifted friend Han Tae Oh, hatching a plan from a young age to take over the company and seize their spots at the top of society. Realizing success early on, the pair steadily begin their ascent until an equally ambitious woman with a similarly troubled past threatens to derail their plans forever.

TAGLINE: I want it, I need it, I’ll take it.

Review of The Impossible Heir Season 1 (2024 Korean Drama TV Series) :

I was hoping to like this more but I thought it was pretty meh so far. These episodes were super rushed and I’m not really sold on anything. I don’t feel strongly about TaeOh and InHa’s friendship and TaeOh’s interest towards over HyeWon feels super out of the blue too. I’m just not buying that he’s into her, nor InHa . I don’t mind her having dodgy intentions and whatnot but I don’t feel like she has chemistry with either of them, she’s like a piece of cardboard in the background. The shocked pickachu face when he saw them kissing made me think ‘overacting much?’ You knew InHa said he was interested in her and she basically told she’s after InHa so what’s with the ‘I’ve been stabbed in the back!’ looks?

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